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About the program

The Young Musicians Education Program is available to musicians ages 14 to 22 who are
interested in further developing their jazz musicianship and performing with a group of their
peers at the UpTown Waterloo Jazz Festival.

Successful applicants will work with some of Waterloo Region’s finest jazz musicians in a series
of workshops, which will focus on the various aspects of jazz improvisation and performance in
an ensemble. Participants will also learn the behind the scenes skills necessary to stage a gig
at a major music festival. The program ends with performances by this new ensemble on stage.

How do I get involved? Anyone aged 14-22 with some music experience can apply. The
application deadline is May 26th, 2019 . Demand is high and space is in short supply, so we
recommend applying before the deadline. 

Do I have to have prior experience? Intermediate skills on your instrument will be an asset in
this workshop (familiar with scales, some music reading, etc.). Performers without jazz
experience can still benefit from this workshop while advanced jazz performers will be
challenged by special projects.

What are the requirements to participate?
● Submit a video or audio recording of one piece of music performed by you via email.
Recording can be a solo recording, or soloist or prominent performer in a larger group.
This does not have to be jazz, although it is preferred.
● Complete and submit your application on time, complete with your recording/link.
● Attach at least one teacher recommendation.
● You must be available to attend all workshops and the Festival performances. Workshop
dates and festival performance times will be confirmed via e mail.

How will the members of the ensemble be selected? Based on experience level, submitted
recording, and number of first instrument choices across all participants.

Mandatory Workshop Dates: Dates to be confirmed, but four mandatory workshops will be
held during the first two weeks of July.

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Jazz for Kids

Join local musician Richard Burrows for an interactive drumming workshop. 

Kids' Tent

Try an instrument for the first time at our instrument petting zoo!

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